How To Tell If A Suit Fits

by Shiv Babani June 10, 2019

How To Tell If A Suit Fits

How To Tell If A Suit Fits

Purchasing a suit is an important decision in every man’s life, but you may not know which is the right suit for you. Ultimately, the better your suit fits, the more you are going to stand out. There are certain rules to finding the right suit size- keep reading to find out what they are.

The Pants

To ensure you look your absolute best, you want your pants to cover your socks while standing in your natural stance. To achieve a full break, the hem of your pants should hit the top of your shoe sole. For a half break, the hem of your pants should hit halfway down the back of the shoe and last but not least, a no break is when the hem of the pants hit the top of your shoe. What is your go-to style? Let me know in the comments below!

The Jacket

One way to tell if the sleeves are too long is to rest your arms at your sides- if the ends of the sleeves reach where your thumb begins, then you’ve found the right jacket for you. The sleeves of your jacket should expose no more than a quarter to a half inch of your cuffs. Want to dress up? Don’t forget to accessorize your shirt with a classic pair of cufflinks.

It doesn’t end there- finding the perfect size jacket involves checking the shoulder seams. The shoulder seams should end with your shoulders, not before and not after. A well-fitted shoulder should lie flat and sit properly on your shoulders. In other words, you don’t want to see any ripple effects, such as lumps or wrinkles.

Lastly, the second button on your jacket should fall right where your belly button is. As a rule of thumb, your jacket should always be buttoned when you’re standing up and should be able to be buttoned without a strain.


There you have it, the essential rules to finding the perfect suit for you but I must say, there’s nothing more perfect for you than a Babani suit! With our tailoring services, we will make sure you leave your house with impeccable style. Stay tuned for more Babani blog posts!

Shiv Babani
Shiv Babani


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