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At Babani, we believe that every man should own a suit, but not need to break the bank in order to do so. Our mission is to provide fashionable, quality products at an affordable price.

You might be wondering how we are able to sell formalwear at such an economic rate... Babani is owned by New Direction Sports Inc., a wholesaler who has been selling to some of your favorite department stores for over 20 years. We own multiple factories and have dependable relationships with suppliers in different parts of the world. We also use the highest quality blend of synthetic and regenerated natural materials that don't take away from function- like rayon, which is made from plant matter and has similar properties to natural fibers, can easily imitate the look and feel of cotton, linen, or wool, but is considerably more affordable. 

Through this, we are able to leverage our resources to get the highest quality fabrics at moderate prices. We cut out the middle man by selling directly to you online. In turn, we can deliver stellar products without charging the markup that other companies do.




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